Community Award

Uranquinty’s Deborah Bewick has been honoured for her many years of dedication to the community.Mrs Bewick has been presented with a NSW Government Community Service Award by Independent Member for Wagga Wagga, Dr Joe McGirr.

“Mrs Bewick is a hard-working advocate who has devoted many hours to helping community organisations,” Dr McGirr said. I was delighted to present her with this award, which recognises the enormous contribution she has made to organisations in her community.”

Mrs Bewick is currently president of the Uranquinty Progress Association and played an important role in helping set up the group’s website.

She is also president of the Wagga Wagga Autism Support Group, which she says she has been “watching grow and change over the last 20 years”. Mrs Bewick has been volunteering and working with community groups for most of her life.


More information on the Inland Rail project is available here.  There is some debate about the impact of the Inland Rail development on communities such as Uranquinty and The Rock which are located on both sides of the railway line. UPA will continue to seek updates and has subscribed to Inland Rail’s newsletter so we can keep the community informed.

We are also hopeful that ARTC is finally going to remove the rubbish alongside the railway line which is an unsightly image on entering the village from the highway.


We would like to thank the Quinty Mens Shed for finishing our community library box and installing it at the Wirraway Park rest area.  This is a great contribution for  local residents and visitors to borrow and exchange books, please make use of it! The Street Library organisation is worldwide and you can find one anywhere in the world by searching here






The Uranquinty community is eagerly awating the opening of the hotel which has been closed since early this year.  Renovations have been carried out and we are hopeful a new licensee will soon be installed and this valuable community hub will again be open for business.  More information in the article in this Daily Advertiser of 4 June 2022


Work to upgrade Dunns Road is under way but continuing wet weather has delayed completion until later in the year. More detailed information is available here
SOLAR FARM PROJECTS – General information on development, enviromental and social considerations for landowners and neighbours is here  Also an article in the Daily Advertiser on the formation of the Riverina Sustainable Food Alliance

Sandy Creek  This project is now with the NSW Department of Planning to undertake an Environmental Impact Study. Wagga Wagga City Council have approved the Development Application by international company BayWa r.e following a public meeting held in mid-December 2021 when consent for the project was granted. Information on the project can be found here. Some of the conditions of consent requires the survey and maintenance of roads. UPA has been in close contact with the project manager and will continue to keep the community informed of developments. You can find these consent conditions on the Wagga Wagga City Council’s application tracker webpage  and look for DA20/0558

Origin Energy   We understand this project has been put on hold and will advise when we have any further details.

Maxwell  Downs 

  • The Scoping Report has been formally submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPIE) and has been uploaded by DPIE to the Major Projects web portal after their initial assessment.  For the latest information on the status of this project, click here.

Oxley Bridge Road, Uranquinty This project is also at the Environmental Impact Study stage with the NSW Department of Planning.  International solar company Bison Energy  has submitted an application for a 16-hectare, five-megawatt solar farm on Oxley Bridge Road.  Maps and details of the proposed development can be found here.  The full Statement of Environmental Effects report to Council provides detailed information as well as this article from the Daily Advertiser 


All information and booking form for hiring the Uranquinty Community Hall can be found here.

UPA have succesflly applied for funding from Essential Energy to cover essential maintenance for the hall. Thanks to everyone who voted online to make sure our bid was a winner!

As everyone is very much aware, mobile phone reception in parts of the village is somewhat variable. We are very pleased to announce that the Hall now has WiFi access available for all visitorsThe Wagga Wagga Revival Fellowship are regular users of the Hall and they have installed an NBN connection at the Hall. The community would like to express its thanks to members of the Fellowship and Uranquinty Progress Association who have worked hard to make this happen, it will be a great asset for all users of the Hall and finally bring us into the 21st Century


Deb Bewick, President, Uranquinty Progress Association

E: [email protected]


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