Uranquinty has a small but enthusiastic community engaged in promoting our village and providing services for all residents.  Our latest Uranquinty Newsletter can be viewed here


COVID-19 Safety Plan  If you are interested in hiring our Community Hall, please make sure you read the Safety Plan developed by Wagga Wagga City Council and Uranquinty Progress Association.  All information and booking form for hiring the Uranquinty Community Hall can be found here.

Uranquinty Progress Association is very pleased to announce we have been successful in obtaining funding through the Stronger Communities Program to replace the oven, stainless steel benches and freezer for the Hall kitchen.

As everyone is very much aware, mobile phone reception in parts of the village is somewhat variable. We are very pleased to announce that the Hall will soon have WiFi access available for all visitors.  The Wagga Wagga Revival Fellowship are regular users of the Hall and they are proposing to install an NBN connection at the Hall. The community would like to express its thanks to members of the Fellowship and Uranquinty Progress Association who have worked hard to make this happen, it will be a great asset for all users of the Hall and finally bring us into the 21st Century!


As everyone is aware, this has been an ongoing issue for some years but finally there are signs of progress. The Flood Management Report for Small Villages,“The Tarcutta, Ladysmith and Uranquinty Floodplain and Risk Management Studies and Plans Draft Report” known as VOFFS (Village Overland Flood Flow Study) has been on public exhibition and available for feedback until 5 May, 2021.

Members of WWCC and the consulting engineers met with local residents and separately with members of Uranquinty Progress Association and Uranquinty Community Safety Group in April to discuss the recommendations for Uranquinty. The comprehensive feedback provided by Uranquinty residents was acknowledged by everyone and we await the final report’s submission to Council.

Following this meeting it was great to see that on 12 May action to upgrade the north levee on Churches Plain road was beginning – this is much needed maintenance work to prevent regular flooding to Baker and Taber Streets which suffered considerably following the February 2021 rain event.

By the end of May the maintenance work on the northern levy had been completed and UPA is very appreciative of the response from Wagga Wagga City Council in responding to residents’ concerns.

Deb Bewick


Uranquinty Progress Association




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