Uranquinty Water Tower Project

Commemorating the unique history of our village

Background Information

Uranquinty Progess Association is investigating the opportunities for painting a mural on the water tower on the corner of Uranquintry and Best Streets.  It must have particular relevance to the Uranquinty community and  stimulate interest from the community in developing and maintaining the eco-cultural garden, as well as having Uranquinty on the tourist trail for water towers and silos in the region.

We will look for a suitable artist and engage with the community to choose the most appropriate design for the mural which will accurately reflect the history and character of our village.

When we get to the stage of choosing an artist and design , details will be posted on this page and you will be able to vote on your choice of design.

Eco Cultural Garden

Story of the eco-cultural garden

The land at the base of the Uranquinty Tower on Uranquintry Street was targeted some years ago as the site of a proposed eco-cultural garden to encourage local residents to develop and maintain the garden and make it a focal point of the community.

Funding was obtained through Uranquinty Progress Association and initial work was carried out on the land, owned by Riverina Water.  . 

Work was done on creating paths and preparing the site for planting of appropriate native plants provided by Wagga Nursery and Riverina TAFE.  Local Aboriginal elders were involved in the choice of plantings.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to continue the project because of sustained drought and a lack of regular maintenance to ensure the plants survived.  Consequently the site is now in need of some maintenance and replanting and we hope this work will encourage the community to become engaged with this project.

UPA believes the suggestion to paint a mural on the water tower is an achievable outcome which could reinvigorate the eco-cultural garden project and provide an incentive for the local community to work with Uranquinty Progress Association in making this an attraction for local people and encourage visitors to come to the village.